Dairy, sheep, beef and poultry farming and their associated product processing are our key strengths, however there are an increasing number of small, agile, innovative locally-owned food production companies adding diversity to Taranaki’s food bowl in areas such as coffee, honey, craft alcohol, fresh produce, specialty chocolate, and baked goods.

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Tapuae Roa identified ‘future foods’ as a key area for regional growth as food production could be significantly leveraged by extending Taranaki’s farm-to-plate strengths and boosting additional transformation of our commodities into branded food products. The vision being to transpose Taranaki from a ‘good food producing region’ to an entrepreneurial, vibrant, engaged fast-growing food production region, at the leading edge of innovation and food trends.

Future Foods refers to the acceleration of the region’s food businesses being market led, aligning to market trends and developing value added, contemporary products.


There are four key pillars in Tapuae Roa’s Future Foods Action Plan: