Branching Out at Venture Taranaki

 The Branching Out project seeks to extend the diversity of Taranaki’s primary produce into a wider range of food and fibre products, including the more diversified and complementary forms of land use throughout the region.
The aim is to identify 10-12 high potential ventures that will be analysed and quantified in terms of their feasibility (including climate, soil, climate change, processing, market opportunity, complementarity, and investment demands) resulting in a series of “new venture blueprints”.
The new venture blueprints will be shared with value-chain participants (landowners through to processors and marketers), leading to further new farm-based activities and associated value chain enterprises being piloted and ultimately to begin registering in regional data.

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Land Use Register

The Branching Out project is looking to connect with landowners who may be considering alternative uses for their land. By adding your details to this register we can:

  • Link you with other like-minded land owners and potential growing clusters
  • Understand the amount of land potentially available across our region
  • Invite growing groups (like Zespri) to the region to promote growing opportunities in new sectors
  • Keep you in the loop to present opportunities to diversify into other, complementary land uses based on geographical location or land suitability. 


Zespri International Limited is the world’s largest marketer of kiwifruit, selling kiwifruit in more than 50 countries. Zespri work with around 2,800 New Zealand and 1,500 international growers and post-harvest companies to source the best-quality Zespri Kiwifruit to supply through distribution partners to wholesale and retail customers.

Sue Groenwald
Grower Liaison Manager

Tom McMarran
Grower Liaison Group Manager


Apata Group Limited is a specialist service provider for New Zealand kiwifruit growers.  Apata Group harvest, pack and store fruit in industry leading packhouses and coolstores which are strategically situated in the heart of kiwifruit country, the Bay of Plenty.

Apata Group provide a comprehensive range of services specifically for the New Zealand kiwifruit industries, providing growers with expert technical support on all aspects of orchard production, leasing and manage orchards, and are industry leaders in packing and coolstorage.

Eugene Crosby
Chief Financial Officer

Jason Gibbs
Commercial Manager

Shaun Vickers
GM Business Development, Client Services and Orchards 


"ANZ believes the kiwifruit industry has an exciting future and the strong demand for quality horticulture land shows there is still significant interest in the sector.  We are seeing lots of collaboration across the sector and many of our clients are taking the opportunity to sell off portions of land suitable for horticulture or developing it themselves as they look to diversify their farming businesses."
Lorraine Mapu General Manager – Northern, Commercial and Agri – ANZ 

Dave Fuller
ANZ Taranaki contact

Farm Ventures

Farm Ventures Ltd services in our primary sector with both consultancy of operations and business performance, and property Investment opportunities. Farm Ventures provides Consultancy & Supervision, Team leadership and training, Governance, Project Management, and Administration services to assist farmers and investments to adopt best practice for sustainable farming systems.

Tim Barrett

Local Grower Story

Organic Kiwifruit in Taranaki 

Sitting under the shadow of Mount Taranaki is a very interesting kiwifruit operation. Though small in size - just 1.24 hectares, the GREEN kiwifruit orchard formed the cornerstones for the dairy farm which surrounds it to move into a total organic operation.

Kiwifruit - The Taranaki Opportunity

Watch our recording from our 'Kiwifruit - The Taranaki Opportunity' event held on 12 October 2020.