What is the link between Tapuae Roa and Taranaki 2050 Roadmap?

Tapuae Roa is Taranaki’s current economic development strategy and action plan. It envisaged a lower emissions future but not at the same pace as we are now addressing. Importantly, it lays some key platforms for shifting to a low emissions economy, as well as strengthening our economy.

Tapuae Roa has approximately 50 actions or projects underway currently. It is important that progress on these actions does not halt while we consider the longer-term outlook and plan towards a low emission economy – this is the Taranaki 2050 Roadmap.

The two pieces of work are linked in that they are both focused on Taranaki’s future and economy.  Tapuae Roa is a strategy that is in execution. The 2050 Roadmap is the next step, building on and from Tapuae Roa. The links are being managed through common oversight and co-ordination.

For more on Tapuae Roa and to view the full strategy and action plan, click here.


Taranaki 2050 Roadmap

Read the Roadmap report to Taranaki's future in a low-emissions future.