The National New Energy Development Centre will be an institution of national importance, playing an integral role in New Zealand’s science and innovation system by lifting innovation in new energy and supporting New Zealand to transition to a low-emissions economy.

Ambitious goals have been set for a low-emissions future. Incremental change will not be enough – achieving the
nation’s goals will depend on significantly increasing the pace of innovation, and leveraging national and international developments in technology. 

This is a pivotal time for the Taranaki region and the New Zealand economy. 

Taranaki has a natural opportunity to be at the forefront of this transition, driving change though business  innovation and industry collaboration. The government is aware of its role in assisting Taranaki with this transition.

More will be added here on the Centre's establishment and development - for now though, the following overview has more detail on why the Centre is needed and how it will be established. 


National New Energy Development Centre - Overview

A summary PDF of the Centre.