The Major Regional Food Opportunities project is a priority initiative within the Future Food section of the Tapuae Roa Action Plan.

Coordinated by Venture Taranaki, the Taranaki Major Regional Food Opportunities project seeks to advance the region’s food production industry by identifying and providing support, including financial, to a selected group of projects in the food sector that have the potential for significant growth.

The project also aimed to fuel collaboration on specific opportunities and stimulate broader conversations and opportunities that have the potential to extend Taranaki’s food production ecosystem.

To select the projects, criteria was developed, and a public call for proposals was instigated in November 2018.

The assessment criteria included the following considerations as it related to the proposals:

  • Market growth or evolving consumer trends pertinent to the specific food project

  • Whether Taranaki offered a competitive or comparable advantage

  • The value chain or path to market that existed or could be developed

  • Whether there were project champions and companies or individuals with the expertise and resources to make the concept a success.

Proposals had to demonstrate how they would use the Tapuae Roa resources to accelerate and advance their food development opportunities.

Seventeen proposals were received, and the following four projects were successful:





In addition to the above, three additional smaller projects were also supported:





The project will be completed in July 2019, and reports on the above projects will be made public.